February 29, 2024

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Apparently Slaves is going the way of the buffalo…


Talk about a band with unfulfilled potential – and yet another Jonny Craig-related project that’s now defunct, at least if their latest post is to be believed. Hardly even two years passed before the band released two full lengths, the solid Through Art We Are All Equals, and the fairly disappointing and safe follow up, Routine Breathing. The band, which is currently on a headlining tour, is reportedly playing their last two shows tonight and tomorrow in California.

The alleged breakup comes after a tempestuous tour where Jonny was accused of being on heroin by guitarist Alex Lyman (who was apparently leaving the band anyway after the tour), and the band also got kicked off Warped Tour last year – so given the internal strife, this comes as no surprise, if it’s indeed true.

Tonight in Sacramento and tomorrow in Santa Cruz are the last Slaves shows EVER. Come send the band off with us. ❤️

Posted by Slaves on Saturday, April 9, 2016


Do you want to know what’s disappointing? A band that could clearly succeed, but lets internal drama and issues get the best of them.

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