April 20, 2024

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Alex’s Horror-thon 2018: Truth Or Dare (2017)

In the last few years, there have a good handful of horror films following Truth Or Dare, including a wide released one this year. Who would have thought that a Syfy made for TV one though would end up being half decent?

The story follows a group of kids who rent a house for a weekend to go and play truth or dare in. In 1983 though a group of kids played the same game in the house and all ended up dead. Soon the kids discover the house has some violent spirit in it who won’t be happy till they’ve all successfully played through 3 rounds of the game.

Its a generic story but falls apart because no explanation is ever given as to why the house is haunted or anything. We never are given any answers as to why the game is important to play in the house or how any of it happens.

Thankfully the pacing of the movie moves along at a steady pace and picks up the violence rapidly. For being a Syfy movie the gore effects aren’t half bad and gorier in parts than one might expect.

Our cast of characters are generic at best and none do anything to stand out or have you root for them. We are at least given some small twists with the order in which they might die though.

Overall if we look past the story this isn’t a bad watch. Its fast paced enough to keep you entertained and the gore will surprise you because of its low budget. It’s worth a watch on a bored late night.

Score : 6/10


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