Alex’s Horror-thon 2018 – Halloween (2018) Review

After 40 years from the original we finally get a new take on the Halloween films. (Lets just ignore the Rob Zombie ones, I don’t want to get into that). Made with love and care us fans are given a Halloween film that feels old but also new and gives us all the same excitement fans have always had from the presence of “The Shape”.

Acting as if nothing after the original Halloween ever occurred, we start off 40 years after the original babysitter slaughtering. Michael Myers has been in a mental institution the entire time while Laurie Strode has had a family but had it fallen apart due to her ever present paranoia about the return of Myers. After a bus crash frees Myers it is finally time for the showdown 40 years in the making.

What works so well with this story is that everything is wrote to have the right place in the timeline. Since nothing happened after the original murders we are shown how everything impacted Laurie with losing custody of her daughter and disconnection from her family.

We are given a new look and feel into how Myers acts and controls more. Here we not only see Myers more ruthlessly kill and without purpose but we also are even given a slight glimpse at what could be a more human side to it, if even for just a brief second.

Director and writer David Gordon Green and writer Danny McBride came into this with a passion project mindset and with John Carpenter overlooking it all there was love put into this film.

The characters here work perfect as well. Jaime Lee Curtis puts out the role of a lifetime with her real depiction a trauma filled paranoid woman. Judy Greer as her daughter who had a rough childhood trying to move past the events that has ruined her mothers life. Even Andi Matichak felt well fleshed out as a teenager in the movie, which is rare especially in a horror film. Haluk Bilginer as the new doctor to Michaels side was fine too, though his choices in film do take some time to fully soak in.

Can we talk about the amazing soundtrack and score to this film too. Something that nearly isn’t talked about in some films. John Carpenter shows he is truly the master of the horror soundtrack with this one.

Overall Halloween is the sequel everyone wanted when they’d envision how they’d do one. Its a slasher film for the ages while also giving horror die hards and old school fans the love and praise they also want. In 2018 with the horror resurgence Halloween will stand on top of the throne for every horror film to aspire to.

Score : 9/10




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