According to at least one source, Linkin Park’s #Meteora20 is apparently happening – and it’ll apparently include unheard + rare demos as well

In March of 2003, Linkin Park released Meteora. The band’s acclaimed sophomore album, it solidified them as a band that would remain extremely popular even as they evolved. And as we revealed last week, the band is indeed doing something very special for the 20th anniversary of the album, according to both Linkin Park Association and their label, Warner Bros. (edit: apparently Warner Bros. deleted the post, which you can view here)

Before the post was taken down, LPA revealed that the package for Meteora’s 20th anniversary would be similar to the runout for #HybridTheory20, including the following:

5 LPs
Meteora (1 LP)
Live in Texas (2 LP)
Live in Nottingham (2 LP)

4 CDs
Meteora (1 CD)
LPU Rarities 2.0 (1 CD)
Live Rarities 2003-2004 (1 CD)
Lost Demos (1 CD)

3 DVDs
The Making of Meteora/The Art of Meteora/Work In Progress (1 DVD)
Veteran’s Stadium (2003), Live in Seoul (2003) (1 DVD)
Live in Manila (2004), Live in Denver – Projekt Revolution 2004 (1 DVD)

40-page Book
36 x 24 Poster
Sticker Sheet

Notably, as you can see below (and with #HybridTheory20), one of the biggest draws is a treasure trove of Meteora-era recording demos, including tracks that were demoed to become “Somewhere I Belong”, “Breaking The Habit”, and even tracks that didn’t make the album. There’s even one called “Plaster 2”, which became “Figure.09”, and “Plaster” was actually the original name for “One Step Closer”, the single that helped build massive hype for their debut album Hybrid Theory. So definitely some full-circle moments going on here. As one of the most highly-anticipated rock albums in history, it appears Linkin Park is going all-out on giving fans what they want, yet again.

CD Two: LPU Rarities 2.0
01. A.06 [0:54]
02. Pretty Birdy (Somewhere I Belong 2002 Demo)[4:05]
03. Sold My Soul To Yo Mama [1:58]
04. Standing In The Middle [3:22]
05. Program (Meteora Demo) [3:32]
06. Faint (Demo 2002) [3:11]
07. Figure.09 (Demo 2002) [3:24]
08. Drawing (Breaking The Habit Demo 2002) [3:32]
09. Cumulus (2002 Demo) [3:04]
10. A-Six (Original Long Version) [3:51]
11. Soundtrack (Meteora Demo) [3:16]
12. Broken Foot (Meteora Demo) [2:43]
13. Ominous (Meteora Demo) [3:08]
14. Unfortunate (Unreleased Demo 2002) [2:07]
15. Pepper (Meteora Demo) [2:56]
16. Breaking The Habit (Original Mike 2002 Demo) [3:18]
17. Halo (Unreleased Demo 2002) [3:42]
18. Rhinocerous (2002 Demo) [3:35]
19. Attached (2003 Demo) [3:29]

CD Four: Lost Demos
01. Lost [3:19]
02. Fighting Myself [3:21]
03. More The Victim [2:41]
04. Massive [3:08]
05. Healing Foot [3:31]
06. A6 (Meteora|20 Demo) [3:55]
07. Cuidado (Lying From You Demo) [3:18]
08. Husky (Hit The Floor Demo) [3:14]
09. Interrogation (Easier To Run Demo) [3:40]
10. Faint (Meteora|20 Demo) [3:56]
11. Plaster 2 (Figure.09 Demo) [2:57]
12. Shifter (From The Inside Demo) [3:25]
13. Wesside [3:14]
14. Resolution [4:37]

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