A Blink-182 + Tom DeLonge reunion looks increasingly likely

It’s been a long time since Tom DeLonge exited Blink-182 to focus on Angels & Airwaves, as well as his To The Stars company, which he co-founded – and became UFO Researcher of the Year in 2017 by the organization Open Minds. When Tom split with Blink-182, he was replaced by Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba and has performed on the band’s last two albums, as well. News surfaced last week that Skiba was questioning his status in Blink-182, and now where there’s smoke, there’s a whole lot of fire. This is far from the only subtle hint there is something happening.

There have been hints dropped around social media that have pointed to the fact Tom DeLonge has rejoined Blink-182. The biggest one is that on his personal Instagram, Tom switched out his bio to include Blink-182 – also strongly hinting that he currently makes music with the band. It appears this change was made over the weekend.

While DeLonge is obviously very busy with Angels & Airwaves (who continue to tour) and his work with To The Stars, there’s undoubtedly something here. And it’s possible we’ll see an announcement soon, if these rumors are anything to go by.

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