December 5, 2022

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8 Reasons to Hire a Freelancer Now to Help You Solve Your Small Business Problems

Freelancing has become a trend number one in the job market during the recent decade. It
pays good money if you’re a professional in your field and provides you with maximum
flexibility. Are you a business owner? Then put on your ‘business’ shoes and use your critical
mindset to hire the top talent. Should one plug gaps in their company with brilliant
professionals from Upwork, Skillhub, or 99designs? In the article below, check what our
experts think about hiring freelancers.

How Did Employment Change?

Traditional employment means a company hires a specialist for long-term cooperation and
provides them with a special social and financial package. But in the harsh reality of gig
economies, there are more short-term business goals and projects rather than long ones. So
ultimately, an average business person needs to hire a freelancer now and reap the benefits
of freelance work later. If your business met obstacles on its development path, check the
reasons below on how hiring a freelancer can eliminate the problems.

#1: Hire the Best and the Rarest Talent

The rarer the specialization is, the fewer professionals you’ll be able to find for your business.
Going for help to a freelance platform helps you get access to a highly skilled talent that is
difficult to find. For instance, hiring an interpreter or a translator that speaks Navajo on a
traditional job posting site is impossible. However, there are potential Navajo-speaking
employees on freelance platforms. The same goes for specializations in other fields like
bioinformatics or digital health.

#2: Save Your Time

A standard hiring process requires a company to have a separate Human Resources
Department or go to a third party for help. It might take months to hire someone for a shortterm project if you follow standard hiring procedures. Meanwhile, searching for a freelancer
on independent platforms takes hours or even minutes.

• The platform ensures your cooperation is legal so you can detect scammers;
• Each side in the deal has responsibilities to follow and rights to consider;
• The cooperation stages have clear guidelines and deadlines;
• All communication happens on the platform, meaning your data is secure. It also
means that you can refer to the company’s support team for better judgment if a conflict

#3: COVID-19 Is Still Here

When the pandemic covered the furthest regions on the planet, most companies tried to be
as flexible as possible. Many businesses asked their employees to opt for remote work to
minimize their chances of catching the disease. With that change came a freelance style of
work which has been a ‘new normal’ for almost three years.

From now on, you don’t need a physical space to accommodate your employees with the
equipment. There is no need to pay the company’s electric bills or worry whether the office
chairs are enough.

In the end, hiring a freelancer is like going fully remote – you don’t put one’s health at risk, and
there is no need to provide them with a separate room.

#4: High-Quality Results

Entering the freelancing competition requires well-developed skills, experience, and constant
growth. However, there is a high chance that an average freelancer you’ll find on a platform
already has all these factors combined. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been any competition
at all.

To ensure you get top-quality results from the freelancer, check the reviews from other clients
who have cooperated with them. Read testimonials on their profile and check a few portfolio
samples by yourself. Pay attention to the diversity of the pieces rather than their number.

#5: Free Job Interviews

This means there is no need to start a hiring resources department or ask a recruiter for help.
Most platforms have an interview feature, meaning you can interview a freelancer. You’re the
employer, and a standard platform allows employers to interview others. Just schedule them
in a proper table on the site and call your future freelancer with one mouse click. Due to this
feature, you can target anyone in any corner of the world without needing them to visit your
office in person.

#6: Speed and Flexibility

Time motivates freelancers because to start a new project, they need to finish the current one.
Hence, there is a higher chance that an average freelancer will complete your business project
quicker than a standard employee. Additionally, cooperating with a freelancer is all about
flexibility. You can reach out to them anytime and divide your big project into milestones.

When cooperating with a freelancer, you’re in equal relationships rather than an employeremployee hierarchy. All because a freelancer is a contractor whose services you need. At thesame time, there is a tiny chance that a freelancer will access your company’s sensitive information if compared to a standard employee during the project performance.

#7: You Know What You Pay For

Hiring a freelancer means you pay exactly for the number of tasks and projects completed.
Meanwhile, hiring a standard employee means introducing them to the hourly rates. This
means employees are paid for their time rather than the actual work. So in the case of
freelancing, the pay model is fairer compared to a standard salary option. At the same time,
you don’t have to pay for insurance or 401(k) plans because the ‘freelance law’ doesn’t include
these requirements.

#8: Delegate Activities

As the proverb fairly says, “A jack of all trades is a master of none.” If you know little about
budgeting, you better leave it to the professional. By hiring a freelance professional, you can
focus more on the aspects you perform efficiently and let others do the things they know to do
better than you.

Which aspects to delegate to freelancers?

• Copywriting;
• Accounting;
• Management;
• Marketing;
• Advertising, etc.

Final Thoughts

As you see, hiring a freelancer comes with more benefits than disadvantages. You get the
best talent while saving your time and reducing business costs. Also, there is no need to meet
in person and pay for insurance or 401(k) plans. If managing your business is too
overwhelming, delegate some tasks to a freelancer.

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck.

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