Experience a “Taste Of Betrayal” with the new song from Perelandra (which also features Jacob Regruit of Aphasia)

Only just starting to establish themselves in the scene, Perelandra is a six-piece metalcore band from New York that come armed with most of the traits you’d expect from a band in the genre. The band’s third single to date, “Taste Of Betrayal” (yes, this is brand new, let’s gooooooooo) is definitely the band’s most intriguing song to date – and it also features Jacob Regruit of Aphasia.

It’s a good balance of heavy and melodic that will undoubtedly draw in some new listeners. And it’s a great opportunity for the band to establish themselves in a crowded metalcore scene as well. It’s also the band’s first new song of 2023, following up Perelandra’s first two they released in 2023. With a few shows planned for the immediate future as well as new music, it’ll be interesting to see (well, hear) where the band goes from here.

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