On ‘Dark Sun’, Dayseeker prove that “heavy” can be attached to lyrical content as well as breakdowns

When Dayseeker released their fourth full-length album Sleeptalk, it marked a drastic change in their sound. The stylistic turn was a wise one, though, as the record launched Dayseeker into huge success compared to their earlier work. Dropping much of their (admittedly really good) metalcore sound for more overt pop and R&B influences, the changes…

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Polyphia’s huge new album, ‘Remember That You Will Die’, turns in a #33 debut on the Billboard 200 – and multiple songs from it are going viral as well

Forming just a decade ago from humble beginnings, instrumental rock band Polyphia have managed to evolve their sound over the years in some very interesting ways. Starting out as one of progressive metal’s more interesting upstarts, subsequent albums like Renaissance and New Levels New Devils incorporated more hip-hop, funk, and electronic influences. Their fourth full-length…

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