Linkin Park’s iconic ‘Hybrid Theory’ once again enters the Billboard 200 charts this week

Few rock or metal albums sell many thousands of copies a week on a consistent basis. Of course, Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory is different. It’s one of the highest-selling albums in history, one of the rare albums to be certified Diamond in the USA, and helped inspire a plethora of other bands to push their sound in new directions. It empowered a generation of teenagers (and young adults, and kids) to navigate the uncertain world before them, and the complicated emotions that come with growing up.

Anyhow, its lasting value and cultural impact is, well, pretty obvious. The album has also re-entered the Billboard 200 chart this week, and it’s likely for two reasons. One, the record recently celebrated its 22nd anniversary on October 24th, likely owing to an uptick in streaming and sales numbers. Two, there’s a video that (where else?) went viral on TikTok, with their song “Given Up” (specifically, Chester Bennington’s 17-second scream) on a video that’s seen over one million views in the last week. This has also likely helped Minutes To Midnight to place on the Hard Rock Albums Billboard chart at #24.


17 second scream 🔥 #linkinpark #chesterbennington #worldrecord

♬ Originalton – Music You Need

@linkinparkmemory 17 second scream 🔥 #linkinpark #chesterbennington #worldrecord ♬ Originalton – Music You Need

@_.memelord._ #linkinpark ♬ In the End – Linkin Park

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