GCW “The Art Of War Games 2” (2022) (Wrestling Review)

GCW The Art Of War Games 2 Hoffman Estates, IL Sept. 3rd, 2022   DDT Extreme Title Two Ring Ladder Scramble Fuckfest Match Joey Janela (c) vs. Gringo Loco vs. Mike Bailey vs. Shane Mercer vs. Tony Deppen vs. Cole Radrick vs. Drago Kid vs. Dante Leon A fun scramble match but also with its fault. Started off a bit wonky and had a lot of sloppy moments. Some really…

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On ‘The Downward Spiral’, Nine Inch Nails detailed self-destruction and nihilism in a way that connected with millions

There’s countless records over the course of history that could be considered, well, statements. Kid A? That’s a statement because of how the left-field Radiohead album completely transformed the band into an electronic-heavy, generation-defining act. Hybrid Theory? The Linkin Park debut full-length changed the face of modern rock of the last 20+ years as we…

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