Virginia metalcore band House//Divided release their new song “Sundown Syndrome”

The Virginia based metalcore outfit House//Divided released their first song “Non-Prophet” in 2018. The band went quiet for the following two years, preparing to release new music. This year alone House//Divided has made a strong resurgence with three new songs. The latest in their impressive lineup of new releases, House//Divided has unveiled their new music/lyric…

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French pop-punk band Back On Earth team up with Telltale on video for new song, “Brand New Day”

Having been around since 2009, French pop-punk band Back On Earth have certainly seen it all in the music industry. Changing demographics and shifts in the way music is consumed haven’t stopped the band from gaining a foothold – and their new song, “Brand New Day”, signifies that quite clearly. Having supported many international bands…

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