Florida based band Love Like Enemies release their first song “White Rose”

Somewhere in the realm of music where metalcore and rock collide, it creates the coined term newcore and that’s exactly where Florida based band Love Like Enemies¬† falls. Love Like Enemies is an up and coming metalcore band, that really falls in line with the newcore genre. Love Like Enemies have recently unveiled their newest song “White Rose (Act I)”, and it is their first release. The Florida based band strikes a pleasing chord with a strong, high quality song and a well thought out music video. The group emphasizes on emotionally driven lyrics. Love Like Enemies hits the mark with their smooth transitions throughout the song, with melodically powerful driven and verses with screams placed just right for that extra impact. Love Like Enemies made the point they mean business, coming out of the gates swinging. These newcomers will surely, and quickly find their foothold in this ever evolving music scene!

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