April 24, 2024

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Introducing 13 Thrones, a new metal band on the scene who are set to release their debut EP on May 1st

From the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area comes a new face to the metal scene, 13 Thrones. 13 Thrones is a relatively fresh band that currently has just their debut single. The band has been around for quite some time, but they have just started to release music and prepare for their debut EP. Their song “An Unholy Task” was released earlier this month, and when we listened to it we were impressed. 13 Thrones shapes their sound around the genre of death metal, with creative guitar riffs, heart stopping percussion, and demonic vocals that are rather impressive. 13 Thrones never miss a beat in the song, and the pacing is done fantastically in the track, leading up to a satisfying breakdown. The California-based group is currently preparing to release their debut EP “Flesh of the King” on May 1st, 2022. 13 Thrones is lyrically based around corruption on their upcoming EP, tackling topics that revolve around manipulation, conspiracies, and societal woes.

“To me it’s all about how the music makes you feel. The one thing I love is what you hear is a part of every one of us. Each song tells a story that is different to everyone.  Like a nameless piece of art, and it’s the same with our music. If you like black metal it’s there. If you like slam, death metal, deathcore, or tech death it’s there. I personally have never been one for what is popular, to me music is a part of my life and if one person likes it that’s good enough for me.” – Jose Medina, guitarist.

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