Dance Gavin Dance’s upcoming 9th full-length album will feature members of Veil Of Maya, Bilmuri, + more

Dance Gavin Dance never seem to stop churning out music. Releasing 8 full-length albums since 2007’s debut Downtown Battle Mountain, the band’s 9th album – Afterburner – just got announced for release. Even in between album cycles, DGD have often released standalone singles that make you wonder if they ever really rest. The answer? Probably not. This time around, though, the album will feature many guest appearance from notable musicians in the scene.

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Post-hardcore band Anemoria release new single “Jellybeans”

Taken by: Terry Walters

Anemoria is a 5-piece Progressive Rock band from Orange County, California. The band has released their 2nd single, “Jellybeans”, following their recent release of their single “Cashmere Jungle”.┬áJellybeans is their first single recorded with their new drummer Juan Norato.

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Do Bands Get Better When Jonny Craig Leaves Them?

Thumbnail photo credit to Steven Cook

Jonny Craig has struggled with drug usage for the better part of this decade. In fact, he’s struggled so much that he’s either left or been kicked out of three bands now. First, it was Emarosa in 2010, then Dance Gavin Dance in 2012, and, after some give-and-take, he is out of Slaves as of this year. While he is on mostly good terms with these bands (even touring with DGD while he was with Slaves, filling in on some songs), the consensus seems to be that he isn’t stable enough to fulfill persistent vocal duties.

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