Boston Manor’s “GLUE” gets deep in your feelings with their third album (review)

Boston Manor, 2020

I haven’t had the time to give Boston Manor a dedicated listen, but I have a friend who’s head-over-heels for the band. I recall some exuberant tracks off of their first album, Be Nothing., and now have the chance to dig into their latest offering, GLUE. Described by vocalist Henry Cox as “very chaotic,” I’m going in blind having not heard any singles before checking this one out.

Beginning with “Everything is Ordinary,” this song is anything but. Autotuned singing is met with melodic punk with a tinge of synth. The electronic elements contribute to a compelling blend of genres in this opening piece. The next track is “1’s & 0’s,” which has more aggressive vocals and profound guitar tones for a more traditional punk vibe. This one’s bridge is remarkable, sure to enlist moshers when live shows make their return.

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Boston Manor emerges with stylish new video for “Everything Is Ordinary”, detail upcoming album

Boston Manor aren’t wasting any time forcing their way into your eardrums. Sure, the band could have dialed things back a notch after their huge sophomore album Welcome To The Neighbourhood, but thankfully for us, they didn’t. At least if the band’s new single, “Everything Is Ordinary”, is any indication. The new single arrives with the exciting news that the band will be releasing their 3rd full-length album – due out in May – as well.

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TNF Presents: 30 Bands That Will OWN 2019

Welcome to 2019! There’s another year of stellar music coming that’s sure to blow us away, and bands that released some great albums in 2018 are sure to put their noses to the grindstone as well. While not all of the bands and musicians on our list are releasing new records this year, some are supporting recent records or newer material in the form of a handful of singles. Regardless, these 30 bands and musicians are all ones to keep on your radar. After all, we only recommend the best music in the world, right? Carry on, brethren.

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Record Release Friday: Listen to new music from Boston Manor, Counterparts, Skyharbor, and more

New Music Friday is a weekly post that highlights the best new music of the week. This week’s edition features both well-known and under the radar bands we think deserve a spin (or three), so give them all a listen. Whether you like pop-punk, progressive metal, indie rock, or anything in between, we think there’s plenty to sink your teeth into here. Especially that new Boston Manor record – a real stunner. Oh, and we’re including some exceptional new singles, too.

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