Underoath are taking livestreaming to the next level with ‘Digital Ghost’

You want to talk about pushing the boundaries of heavy music to the next level? Few bands have done that over the years as effectively as Underoath have. Even from their infancy, their music videos – especially “Writing On The Walls” – acted more as cinematic marvels than they did conventional music videos. Even now, the band’s three livestream experiences last year, where they played three of their biggest records front to back, brought in a whole lot of much-needed income in place of touring.

Their upcoming album Voyeurist, though it’s early, has the potential to be one of the band’s most defining albums of their career. If you watched the Digital Ghost livestream, where Underoath played the album in full, you’d be inclined to probably agree.

The band’s new songs really come to live in the livestream, too. Digital Ghost serves as an album preview for all of them, helping their fanbase hear the album as it was delayed until January. The really intriguing thing here is that these songs really seem to come to life with the audiovisual components, especially when you take into account the album’s electronic flourishes and major risks taken. “Pneumonia”, the album’s final track that clocks in at over 7 minutes long, is one of Underoath’s greatest accomplishments that also highlights all of their strengths. A post-metal influenced track that brings back memories of “To Whom It May Concern”? Check. Electronic influences that are harnessed effectively instead of merely tacked on? Yup. A heavy and cathartic ending that comes out of nowhere to hit you like a truck? Absolutely.

Really, though, Digital Ghost is the live audiovisual experience fans have been waiting for, even expecting, from Underoath. And it’s even more of an aural experience – a cinematic one – than anyone could have expected. You want to talk ambition? Underoath have it in spades. They always have, really, but now it’s turned up to 11.

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