Review: Beacons – “Endless” EP

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RATING: 8/10



Beacons just released a brand new EP, Endless. The album is a heavy hitter that feels something like older Bring Me the Horizon and Chelsea Grin. While not a groundbreaking release, Endless does feel like a welcome blast from the past.

Endless goes by quickly, being a four song EP. Two of the tracks feature guest vocalists, Hunter Young and Bryan Long, who have no real positive or negative effect on the overall album; the guests are just there.

One thing that should pop out immediately about Endless is that Beacons abuses the fade-in technique; the first three tracks of four fade into the full volume. It is a trick that would have been welcome perhaps once on the EP, but it feels like overkill to use it seventy-five percent of the album. One thing that will stand out is the vocals; it is a style that is reminiscent of Alex Kohler and Oliver Sykes, arguably two of the style’s biggest vocalists. The EP has no shortage of breakdowns and chugging riffs, but an effort is made for each track to be identifiable. The rhythm section is solid and heavy, pulling each track together nicely.

At the close of Endless, Beacons has delivered a satisfying EP. It will not redefine the genre, but it is a heavy and well-crafted album. Endless is a release worth picking up.