February 27, 2024

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Review: Death Of An Era – “The Great Commonwealth” EP





RATING: 5/10



Death Of An Era, who are they you ask? Well, the guys in Death Of An Era are a Metal / Death Metal band rising up out of Columbus, Ohio. Death Of An Era are one of the newest additions to the Artery Recordings and Razor & Tie family. The guys in DOAE have recently released their debut EP on their new label titled “The Great Commonwealth EP”. What’s so great about it? Honestly, nothing really. I’ll let you know why.


Even though the EP is a tad bit faulty, let’s talk about some highlights on the album first.


I have three recommendations if you’re going to take the time to check it out at some point. I‘m going to combine “Shapeshifter” and “The Helpless Settlement,” these two are by far my favorites on the album. The reason being is because we actually get to hear more clean vocals in these songs which I think actually make them a LOT better and could actually make the album better if they were included in all of the songs. The instrumentals are mixed way better in “Shapeshifter” though. Definitely one of the better mixed songs than any of the other ones on the track list in my own opinion, it has a more clean sound to it in which you can pick out the guitars, bass, drums.


“A Mother’s Love” is one of the better songs on the list as well. The reason I chose this song over the others is because I think this is the bands actual sound. Out of all the others, this song just seems to fit the band the most and I can see them going with this sound on future albums.


Here’s the bad news, the other songs on the EP are so similar that they all flow together in one huge cluster ball of “try hard” Deathcore. Yes, there are some clean vocals in “American Dictation,” but go listen to the song and tell me that it goes with the sound of it. It doesn’t work. I would have much rather heard the song being similar to the first two tracks “Create, Sustain” and “P.O.S”. Which those two songs are the culprits of the album making me slightly confused about the bands sound overall.


In conclusion, I believe the band is still trying to find a sound they’re comfortable with. Let’s put it in simple terms, half the EP is good where half the EP faults. While I’m sure there are those who disagree, I can assure you that this is my own opinion and I respect yours. I’m sure the guys in DOAE will come swinging back on their full length.


– Alex G.

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