WWF Wrestlemania X-8 (03.17.2002) (Wrestling Review)


Wrestlemania X-8

Toronto, Canada

March 17th, 2002


WWF Intercontinental Title Match
William Regal (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

A solid opening match. Could have used a few more minutes but RVD was on point here and Regal is always a joy. 

2.5 / 5

WWF European Title Match
Diamond Dallas Page (c) vs. Christian

A fine match here. Nothing special at all really but had some good moves. 

2 / 5

WWF Hardcore Title Match
Maven (c) vs. Goldust

A 3 minute crazy hardcore match. Not bad, nothing special. The run in was fun though. 

1.5 / 5

Singles Match
Kane vs. Kurt Angle

Once this got going it was fun. Kane wasn’t the most agile or athletic but he tried here and this was prime era Kurt. 

2.75 / 5

No Disqualification Match
The Undertaker vs. Ric Flair

A bloody but god awful slow brawl. Felt old school but not in the best way. Some good spots but could have been trimmed down majorly. Taker played the bully heel here who dominated almost the entire match. 

2.5 / 5

Singles Match
Booker T vs. Edge

A short match that just never went above decent. The crowd didn’t care until Booker did the Spinarooni and the match didn’t have long enough to be anything special.

2.25 / 5

Singles Match
Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall (w/Kevin Nash)

The crowd loved when Nash got involved but otherwise this wasn’t that great. Hall wasn’t anything special in his WWE run and this was at the end of Austins run at the time. He was all injured and unhappy and it sort of showed. 

2 / 5

WWF World Tag Team Title Fatal Four Way Elimination Match
Billy & Chuck (c) vs. The APA (Bradshaw & Faarooq) vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley) (w/Stacy Keibler) vs. The Hardy Boyz (Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy)

Another match that went a little too long. This was all to put Billy and Chuck over. Keibler got the biggest pop here next to Devon going through a table. Otherwise it was just bland moments between teams hitting their big moves. 

1.5 / 5

Singles Match
Hollywood Hogan vs. The Rock

This is a match that gets a high rating based off of everything except the match itself. The crowd was insane for this and the energy going into and around this match was over the top. As a match itself it really isn’t anything special but for the work around it is what makes it memorable. 

3.75 / 5

WWF World Women’s Title Triple Threat Match
Jazz (c) vs. Trish Stratus vs. Lita

This was a rough time slot to be in given the crowd was dead from Rock / Hogan. Trish was hometown girl here and didn’t even get a massive pop. This match had some good ideas and moments but just was a little sloppy. Trish and Lita weren’t at their top level here yet but they tried their best here. 

2 / 5

WWF Undisputed World Heavyweight Title Match
Chris Jericho (w/Stephanie McMahon) (c) vs. Triple H

Both guys worked hard here given the crowd was dead after Rock / Hogan. Had a good story going here with Hunter being a babyface. It was a solid match but was just in a hard spot. 

3 / 5

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