September 23, 2021

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Watch: Periphery gets sick, plays an instrumental set in Southeast Asia anyway

Being nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance, charting high on the Billboard 200 with their latest album, and touring the world as a highly influential force in progressive music, there’s very little Periphery haven’t accomplished yet. Still, you get the feeling the highest accolades are coming in the near future.

That being said, there’s a huge debate in the scene over whether Periphery should remain a band that utilizes Spencer Sotelo’s gifted vocal abilities, or performs as an instrumental band. There really shouldn’t be too much debate, as Spencer is certainly very talented. If Periphery ever chose to do only instrumental music, though, it would work pretty well – as evidenced by this live video of the band that surfaced in the last few days. While on tour in Hong Kong, the band was reportedly very sick, forcing them to either cancel their show or perform instrumental only. Being the legends they are, Periphery went with the latter, and the crowd sung along to basically every note, proving that metal has no boundaries or language barriers.

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