October 25, 2021

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Watch live footage of Vanna’s final show with the original lineup performing “Safe To Say”

The final chapter in the book of Vanna has now closed. The Boston, Mass hardcore punk band was both an institution on Vans Warped Tour as much as they were playing sweaty basement shows in the early days. 6 full-lengths, a handful of EP’s, and countless shows later, the band went out on top December 15th in their hometown. They were joined by everyone from Knocked Loose to Sharptooth, 18 Visions to Bad Rabbits, and many more.

This was a celebration of everything Vanna accomplished, the friends they made, and the people they influenced. Even better was the fact that we have live footage of the show, where the original lineup performed “Safe To Say”, among other songs. Check out the videos below, and stay tuned for incoming photo galleries of the show as well.

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