October 20, 2021

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Twenty One Pilots announce “Emotional Roadshow” tour


Twenty One Pilots have been a part of the music scene since 2009. However, in 2011 they released their album single “Car Radio” which became very popular after being streamed on the radio. They have a couple albums out that you can check out (Self-Titled, Regional At Best, Vessel, and Blurryface), which are written beautifully. Twenty One Pilots consists of Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dunn; Tyler is the infamous vocalist, and Josh is the very talented drummer. Together they form one incredible team.

When asked how to describe Twenty One PIlots, I can’t seem but to get stuck with my way of words. They’re in the indie pop, electropop, alternative, and hip hop genre. In the beginning of 2009 when it all started, Tyler and Josh were playing in crowds of about 15 people. Now in 2016, they’re playing in arenas in front of probably 15,000 people. They have truly shown major progression since day one.

Twenty One Pilots announced their “Emotional Roadshow Tour” a few months ago in October of 2015. The duo is going to be traveling to 40 states in the United States and in Canada to play songs from their current album “Blurryface”. You might know “Stressed Out”, since it has been played on the radio quite often recently.

The first date of the tour is going to be on Tuesday, May 31st. If you’re anything like me, you’re very eager about this event. Tyler and Josh will be playing songs from Vessel and Blurryface, which is exciting. They create a bond with the fans that seems to be comforting and lovely. The two mates are true to their music.

For more information, point your attention to this handy website: Emotional Roadshow Tour

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