September 22, 2023

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Top 5 Online Casino Streamers that are Entertaining to Watch

During the pandemic, streaming online became the primary source of entertainment for everyone. Since most people are locked up in their houses and spend more time on their devices, watching streams has become a normal daily routine. There are many types of streams available online like gaming , cooking, music, and even gambling.

Entertaining viewers as a casino streamer can be challenging as you must divide your focus and attention between the game and the audience. In addition, you must possess sensational communication skills to hook your viewers to watch the casino game you’re playing until the end of the duration of your stream.

If you’re looking for entertaining streams playing your favorite online casino game, below are some of the top casino streamers you can watch online.


Viewers want casino streamers who are not afraid to lose anything or high rollers in casinos. If you are into this type of fun and entertainment, Roshtein will be at the top of the list.

Roshtein, or Ishmael Schwartz, is a famous Twitch streamer who loves to play online casinos. Most of his streams focus on slots but he’ll occasionally play online blackjack. In addition, most viewers love his character as he always puts importance on replying, feedback, and interacting with his viewers in chat.

Apart from his charismatic personality, his high-risk, high-reward gameplay makes his stream more amusing. For example, he likes to put wages with high stakes where he bets 100 euros to 1000 euros right off the hook. It then puts his viewers in their seats and captivates them to watch the stream more, making him one of the entertaining streamers of online casinos.


It is challenging to intertwine as a streamer focusing on gambling and online gaming because some streamers are known for only one type of game specializing in their skill.

Trainwreckstv has captivated many viewers in his stream because he gambles and plays fps games like CS: GO, Call of Duty Warzone, and strategic games like World of Warcraft.

Along with his exciting gameplays on online games, his stream also takes 2nd place in viewership on Twitch in gambling online playing slots, comprising 20% of his streaming time. In addition, his name caught more attention in one of his streams, as he garnered $769,500 from playing a slot game, Buffalo King.


High stake players are entertaining to watch because it not only excites us but also puts us in the place of the player where we also feel the tension of doing it.

DeuceAce is your go-to Twitch streamer regarding high stakes. His stream focuses on high-level casino entertainment. Like in one of his live streams where he won Є129,122 playing Promatic Play’s famous slot, The Dog House.

Coincidentally he is a childhood friend of Roshtein, and both like to play with high stakes in slots. With his fun interaction with his viewers and passion for playing online slots, he gained 212k followers with an average of 5,328 views in his live streams.


The streaming platform is populated more with male streamers than females, like Twitch, where in 2019, it has a ratio of 65% male and 35% female.

Within that margin, AngelMelly comes forward to stream to gather many viewers. AngelMelly has gathered 292k followers on Twitch as she shares gaming videos on streaming platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch.

AngelMelly is one of the successful female streamers not only in the gaming community but also in the gambling community. She mostly streams Fortnite and slots, making her second place with 157 hours of streaming.

Aside from playing, her interaction with her viewers is also a factor in her success. She makes her viewers feel at home in her stream, gaining more popularity and followers on her streaming platforms.


Streaming gambling games with many viewers can put pressure on the streamer. It makes them conscious of their game, and some viewers would make fun of it, especially when they lose and from the tiniest mistakes during a stream.

Most streamers would feel this kind of pressure. However, for VonDice, it’s not the case. VonDice is all about smiles and charming personality when streaming slots. In addition, he is a close friend of his fellow online slot steamers DeuceAce and Roshtein.

Vondice has become a streaming superstar in no time in his gambling stream right away as he garnered 192k followers on his account with 4,336 viewers on average in streaming. With his contagious smile and active interaction in streaming, there is no denying why he gained that many followers fast. Lastly, he is also a top bettor on slots, as he won Є126,500 from the GameArt’s Rosh Immortality Cube.


Streaming online gambling is a big risk, and being successful from this is a huge milestone for any streamers, just like those mentioned above. Playing efficiently and putting up a charismatic character in their streams is one of the best forms of entertainment any viewer can ask for. So, if you need entertainment, visit their stream and have fun!

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