September 16, 2021

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New Music Friday is in full effect with new Misery Signals, In Hearts Wake, The Fall Of Troy, + more

There’s a few Fridays every year where it feels like a ton of amazing albums/EPs come out. Earlier this summer, we had an awesome day in June 5th (Currents, END, Emery, etc.) and today we have a wild amount of new releases – almost too many to track. Here’s some of our highlights:

Slaves – To Better Days

Slaves’ newest album comes with a new vocalist in The Voice runner-up Matt McAndrew. After a string of several singles, To Better Days releases today, and is a bombardment of fantastic post-hardcore songs from start to finish.

Misery Signals – Ultraviolet

Metalcore legends Misery Signals are making a comeback with their first album in seven years, Ultraviolet. They haven’t missed a beat, sounding as powerful and well-produced as ever.

In Hearts Wake – Kaliyuga

In Hearts Wake have something a little different with Kaliyuga (defined as “the fourth cycle, with traits of discord, disconnection, destruction…) This album deserves praise for the band’s effort to press its vinyl with environmentally-friendly packaging and for planting a tree for every thousand views of the music video for “Worldwide Suicide” (of which currently has 300k views).

Orbit Culture – Nija

This isn’t Orbit Culture’s first trip around the sun – the Swedish metal band has released a couple previous records – but Nija is a fully-realized body of work that is sure to make some serious waves in the metal scene. Get into it.

The Fall of Troy – Mukiltearth

Another band making a comeback, The Fall of Troy have released Mukiltearth to the world. The band’s obtuse, experimental nature is still alive and well here, as the sixth LP is just as wacky as the first.

Curses – Chapter II: Bloom

Once again, SharpTone Records proves that its roster is as solid as can be with Curses’ newest offering, Chapter II: Bloom. With punishing uncleans and monstrous guitars, this fresh metalcore band can hand with the new greats like Currents and Polaris.

Black Crown Initiate – Violent Portraits of Doomed Escape

Black Crown Initiate’s take on progressive death metal is stellar in Violent Portraits of Doomed Escape. Those looking for a band with long tracks to get immersed in and surprised by, look no further.

So, what did we miss? What else came out today that’s worth a spin?

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