May 22, 2024

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Texas metalcore band Be//gotten aim to think outside the box with new EP, ‘Identity Cri$i$’

Having just played the massive So What?! Music Festival in Texas (where there was a pretty sizable crowd there to see them, amongst a huge lineup), it’s clear that Texas metalcore band Be//gotten are going somewhere. In fact, they have many more influences than you’d expect for a band like them. Not being afraid to change tempos at the drop of a hat, there’s definitely some nu-metal and hip-hop influence all over the band’s new EP, Identity Cri$i$.

What’s really interesting about the band is that they’re able to throw in some disparate musical influences into a metalcore scene that sometimes doesn’t innovate too much. And considering the band’s first releases are only 6 or so years old, it’s definitely a step up from their previous work. We think you’ll be pretty convinced to at least give Be//gotten a shot.

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