Review: Lifecurse – “Elysium”

BAND: LIFECURSE ALBUM: “ELYSIUM” RELEASE DATE: JULY 18, 2013 LABEL: INDEPENDENT GENRE: METALCORE RATING: 8.5/10   Elysium is Lifecurse’s newest release, and what an effort it is. The album combines the tried and true metalcore formula of brutally harsh vocals with soaring cleans, two-step worthy breakdowns, and pounding rhythm sections, and adds in the occasional…

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Editorial: A Punk Rock Song Won’t Ever Change the World, but I Can Tell You About A Couple That Changed Me (Or How I Used to ‘Kill the Cops, Up the Punx’ With Complete Seriousness)

Note: The title is stolen from a Wingnut Dishwashers Union song called “Fuck Shit Up.” The lead vocalist, Pat the Bunny, is in a new band called Ramshackle Glory. Support punk music, and check it out. Anyway, on to the essay! —- On Punk Rock and Other Stereotypes By Vince Bellino             The first time…

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