Territory’s Edge – The Best New Metal and Hardcore of January 2023, featuring Enterprise Earth, Katatonia, and more

There’s a good chance you’ve already heard Sleep Token this year – given that the mysterious masked band released four singles in January.   One of those songs, “The Summoning”, has gained plenty of traction, even reaching #1 on Spotify’s USA Viral 50, and #5 on the global version of the chart.  The band hit over…

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Journey Through Pressure: Exploring Katatonia’s 2006 chilling masterpiece, ‘The Great Cold Distance’

Over the last 25 years, few bands have become as revered as progressive/alt-metal merchants Katatonia. The Swedish band, who began their career as a death-doom outfit, evolved naturally into a more standard alternative metal act. Don’t let the term “standard” throw you off, though. There’s nothing basic about the way that Katatonia effortlessly shifts and…

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