April 20, 2024

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Synthwave act Gunship drop new single “DooM Dance” featuring Gavin Rossdale and Carpenter Brut

Gunship bring a unique blend of Synthwave to the table with their mixture of something pop culture intertwined into the songs. With their latest single “DooM Dance” the group also enlists the help of Gavin Rossdale and Carpenter Brut for quite the special team up. This is the bands 3rd single from their upcoming album “Unicorn” out Sept. 29th.



Monster In Paradise” (Feat. Milkie Way, Dave Lombardo, Tim Cappello, Tyler Bates)
Taste Like Venom
“Empress of the Damned” (Feat. Lights)
“Tech Noir 2” (Feat. John Carpenter, Charlie Simpson)
“DooM Dance” (Feat. Gavin Rossdale, Carpenter Brut)
“Blood for the Blood God” (Feat. Health)
“Weaponised Love”
“Ghost” (Feat. Power Glove)
“Darkness for Dreams”
“Holographic Heart” (Feat. Britta Philips)
“Nuclear Date Night”
“Run Like Hell”
“Lost Shadow”
“Postcard From the American Dream”

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