February 20, 2024

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Sylar is almost certainly working on new music right now – here’s why you should be excited about it

Having not released music since 2018, New York’s Sylar have been pretty quiet. The impact they’ve already made, though, is anything but quiet. Their song “All Or Nothing” was all over ESPN sports broadcasts, and their 2016 album Help! actually pushed the envelope of nu-metalcore a bit, with lengthier songs like “Maintain Closure” showcasing some serious ambition. Five years is a long time to go without releasing music, however, and while everything from COVID to life have delayed proceedings a bit, it appears new music is actually on the horizon.

It looks like they’re also in the studio with producer and long-time collaborator Erik Ron (it should be said that an Instagram story by one of the band members spotted this possibility, though it’s expired now) who’s worked with everyone from Bad Omens to Godsmack in recent years – as well as plenty of other bands you also know. He also produced previous records for the band, including Seasons and Help!. While any release date is obviously unknown, Sylar have also been posting teasers on TikTok and social media with presumed new material, which sound promising.

Emerging a little over a decade ago with a unique blend of nu-metal and metalcore, Sylar really broke things open on their sophomore album Help!. The album’s sales helped Sylar gain some serious recognition and placement on some of the USA’s biggest festivals, further increasing their audience. And it’s not hard to notice why. Tracks like “Assume” and “Soul Addiction” provided some of the biggest hooks modern nu-metal could ever conjure up, while songs like “Gambit Rogue Delight” provided the bounce that both nu-metal and metalcore are known for. Vocalists Jayden Panesso and Miguel Cardona have some of the most interesting synergy of any band in the scene right now, and it really shows.

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