April 22, 2024

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Supergroup DieHumane (featuring members from Exodus and Type O Negative) release new single “Epitaph”

DieHumane is one of the new supergroups featuring Rick Hunolt (EXODUS) on guitar, Garret West on lead vocals, Sal Abruscato (TYPE O NEGATIVE, LIFE OF AGONY) on drums, Joshua Vargas on rhythm guitar, bass, piano, programming and Greg Hilligiest Jr. on keyboards, samples, additional guitar aren’t your typical supergroup. The band is bringing a doom alternative metal mixture that is heavy, catchy, and sounds like nothing else. The band has released their latest song “Epitaph” from the bands debut album “The Grotesque” which is out May 5th.


“We’re happy to release our third single ‘Epitaph’ as we get closer to our album dropping on

May 5th. ‘Epitaph’ is an emotional song about the wreckage one leaves behind as a result of their own death.” – DieHumane

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