Story Of The Year end 20th anniversary of “Page Avenue” tour with a night to remember in Chicago

With the trend of bands playing full albums for their anniversary, Story Of The Year hit Chicago as the final date of their 20th anniversary for “Page Avenue”. As the band hit Concord Music Hall to kick off a weekend on a Friday night as a packed venue was ready to relive the early 2000s.

Kicking off the evening was Canadian pop punkers Youth Fountain. Hot on the scene right now the band blasted through a set of pop punk angst hits with the crowd being all for them. The group, fronted by Tyler Zanon, is a clear indication with shows like this that the genre is in fine hands.

Next up was fellow Warped Tour legends / alum We The Kings. Of course hitting their platinum single “Check Yes Juliet” the band also hit it off blasting through faster tracks like “Skyway Avenue” and softer songs like “Sad Song”. Going straight through an 8 song set with headliner energy this set reminded people of who they were if they forgot and showed fans just why they’ve been around so long.

Closing out the night though for their final night of the tour was none other than Story Of The Year. Like many bands doing full album playthroughs they changed up the order here given that otherwise their two biggest songs would be played in the first 20 minutes of the set.

Frontman Dan Marsala and the entire band showed that even this far into their career there is no slower down for them and they gave off enough energy that bands 1/4th their age into the game should be taking notes on. Sprinkling in some new songs as well that came with great reception show off the song writing abilities that new stuff fits just as well as the hits. Closing the evening though with a massive singalong with “Until The Day I Die” was the perfect way to cap off a 20 year celebration.


Photo Gallery : We The Kings – Concord Music Hall (01.26.2023)


Photo Gallery : Youth Fountain – Concord Music Hall (01.26.2023)


Photo Gallery : Story Of The Year – Concord Music Hall (01.26.2023)

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