Solo alternative hip hop artist BLVDES makes his debut with his song “sickoflife”

In the expanding popularity of genres like alternative hip-hop (or emo rap) on the rise in the industry, we’ve seen a influx of artists tackling this unique perspective on the genre. Some artists pull this off better than others, and one of those artists just made his debut with his song “sickoflife”. BLVDES is an alternative hip-hop, emo rap artist who just made a strong debut in terms of quality and execution. His song “sickoflife” tackles crippling personal issues and not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. BLVDES does a fantastic job at orchestrating a delicate atmosphere to accompany the haunting vocals. BLVDES is a newcomer that we have in our playlists that we’ll be watching. Fans of artists like Lil Lotus, Ghostemane, and nothing.nowhere should be paying attention.


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