February 27, 2024

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Some snowflakes are *just* now finding out Pearl Jam is a band who speaks out about politically-oriented causes

Pearl Jam is one of the best-selling rock bands in history, with their debut album Ten being a grunge cornerstone and sophomore album Vs. being one of the fastest-selling records of all time. They’ve maintained their fanbase over the years despite changing musical climates and a shifting sound, and have never shied away from speaking out for causes they feel are important. It should be noted that not all of these causes were politically-oriented – namely their raising awareness of Crohn’s Disease and charity shows to support Hurricane Katrina victims.

However, it seems like some of the band’s fans are hearing their music – but not actually listening to some of their messages. The story goes like this. Recently, the band introduced a special Stickman shirt with the band’s name and “Pride” on it. Nothing else, no subliminal messaging, literally just “Pride”. The proceeds for it go to organizations that help fight anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, which is definitely a thing – look at what’s happening in states like Florida, Texas, and elsewhere. Hilariously, a lot of right-wingers and conservatives reacted in shocked surprise when Pearl Jam posted the t-shirt, like the snowflakes they are.

It really shouldn’t be all that surprising. After all, this was the same band who took on Ticketmaster in protest of their damaging and predatory service charges. Also the same band that loudly protested George Bush-era policies, the same band that raised awareness to lower their own carbon emissions, and the one who literally wrote songs referencing George Bush’s presidency. Enough said. This is like when conservatives complain that Rage Against The Machine and other bands similarly speak out on social justice causes. The proof was already there in the lyrics.

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