September 22, 2023

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Smooth Brain release “No Pressure”, EP set to release this Summer

We defended pop punk in the 2010s and it’s still thriving in the 2020s. This is evident with acts like Meet Me @ The Altar, Pinkshift, and In The Mourning making waves and showing that this style of music is as great as ever. The Tri-State scene has another band to confide in with Smooth Brain, a fresh act that I think is going to turn a lot of heads soon.

Smooth Brain has released their newest single, “No Pressure”, just last week. With a masterful chorus, an emphatic vocal performance, and tight production, it’s a winning formula for a song to keep coming back to. The band shared: “The song is about true love, as friends, lovers, and family” with the tagline “Better together, forever” channeling the posi side of pop-punk. Hansel Romero of Nightlife handled production and complimented the band’s chops with splendor.

Smooth Brain is set to release their new EP, Friendly Fire, this Summer – check out this group and let us know what you think!

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