March 4, 2024

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Silent Planet experienced a serious van accident – then their fanbase and friends (including Bad Omens’ Noah Sebastian) came through

Despite their success with each passing record, Silent Planet are the type of band that is very much grounded in reality. Always conversing with their fans and/or lifting others up, they’re the type of metalcore act that don’t find themselves mired in scene drama or with an egotistical frontman. In fact, they’re the complete opposite of the typical “rockstar” band, always looking forward from a musical perspective. Lyrically, they’re driven and are scripted better than many other bands in the genre.

Having ascended to greater heights with every album cycle to date, it’s also not a surprise Silent Planet are a band that always seeks to give back and keep that humble mentality. So when the band sustained a serious van accident earlier this week, the response from their fans AND peers was sharp and swift.

Currently on tour supporting The Plot In You, Silent Planet ended up in a serious van accident while in Wyoming. In fact, the van flipped, and clearly they were lucky to walk away alive. However, vocalist Garrett Russell suffered a concussion and ended up needing stitches, and the band’s van and trailer are out of the question. Not to mention the obvious traumatic situation that is, as well as it being the start of the tour – not a good financial situation.

Then, a crazy (read: unsurprising) thing happened – fans and friends of the band came out in droves to financially (and otherwise) return the band’s passion threefold. In short: the scene fucking showed UP for Silent Planet. Within 24 hours of the band posting a GoFundMe campaign to help get them back on the road, tens of thousands of dollars came in.

Much of the money came from Silent Planet’s devoted fanbase, who are certainly one of the most engaged fanbases for a band like this. It also came from other sources – other bands they’ve toured with, as well as a staggering $3,000 donation from Bad Omens vocalist Noah Sebastian.  Bands that donated also included members of The Amity Affliction, Dayseeker, and Spiritbox, among others.

The support came in so rapidly that they raised over $70k in less than 24 hours (actually, it was around 17 hours), enabling SP to get back on the road. But there’s a greater story to be told here, to be honest. Any band that could see their fans and friends make an impact in this way is stunning, of course. What’s clear is this, though – it’s pretty clear the scene needs bands like Silent Planet as much as the reverse statement applies.

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