April 24, 2024

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Saosin is recording their new album with former vocalist Cove Reber, Anthony Green’s status is unclear

If you like bands that make you wait a lengthy amount of time between releases, Saosin has you covered. Of course, they’re no Tool or anything, but 2016’s Along The Shadow was the last time the famed post-hardcore band has actually released any new material. And while the band’s discography has essentially see-sawed from vocalist Anthony Green to Cove Reber and back again over the years, it appears that Cove Reber will indeed be helming vocals for whenever Saosin does release a new album.

Fortunately, it appears that time is coming soon. After spending quite a while working on a new record, guitarist (and famed producer) Beau Burchell confirmed that “the plan” is to have Cove Reber on the new album. While there’s been no confirmation from Anthony Green either way on the new development (just yet, anyway), and we can’t rule out the possibility of both vocalists appearing in some capacity, it appears more than likely that Cove Reber has indeed rejoined the band. It should be added that Anthony Green is busy with a million other projects as well, so the conjecture offered by a few that the vocalists are trading off both recording and touring with Saosin – well, that’s not an impossibility.

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