October 20, 2021

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Royal Street Announce Mini Tour In December, Premiering New Video For “Cranston Crank” November 20th


I am in a constant pursuit of bands who are off the beaten path, doing something out of the norm. A band who’s energetic and gets stuck in my head is always going to grab my attention. As the year is winding down, I’ve received some incredible submissions from under the radar bands, but Royal Street might just be my favorite so far, at least as far as singles go. I can’t even begin to describe them, but I can imagine the band forming something like this – great female vocalist with amazing pitch and range finds a group of musicians who are really talented as well, they have a bunch of jam sessions, and BAM, Royal Street is born. That’s probably not how it happened, but one listen to the band and that’s exactly what you’ll find – an ear for melody and catchiness, while never sacrificing pure musical talent. My first listen made me think of a cross between Paramore, Bad Rabbits, and oft-forgotten but still awesome former Victory Records pop-rockers 1997.

We’re premiering a new music video for the single “Cranston Crank” on November 20th, but in the meantime, you can check out a studio video for their song “Memory” below, along with some upcoming tour dates this December. You should probably make it out to the tour if you live in the Northeast, as Jillian Jensen, Marina City, and This Is All Now will also be playing.



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