RIP Prince, 1958-2016

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It can be argued that, on a short list of the most talented and versatile (and commercially successful!) musicians of all time, Prince is right up there with the best. The pioneer of the “Minneapolis Sound” (a merging of rock, funk, pop, R&B, and multiple other genres) sold an incredible amount of records, with such influential albums like Purple Rain, Sign O’ The Times, and 1999 all being incredibly successful. The multi-instrumentalist could also sing in many different pitches, and was also very productive – releasing dozens of albums in his career.

Sadly, according to multiple sources (TMZ), he has died at his estate at the age of 57. He was hospitalized last week with the flu, and while details are unknown at this time, this may have contributed to it.

Below, you can find what I believe to be his one of his most important and best tracks – Purple Rain. He slayed this during the Super Bowl halftime show a few years back. We raise a glass to you, Prince – may you party with Lemmy and David Bowie at the pearly gates.

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