October 19, 2021

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Rare: Here’s a playlist of all the music that inspired the new Hundredth album

Change is something that can be bad, neutral, or ultimately very good. Abrupt stylistic shifts in musicians and bands can be ultimately even more dividing – completely alienating a previous fanbase while gaining an entirely new one. It can be the different between surviving in the music industry and thriving in it.

For melodic hardcore alt-rock band Hundredth, the shift in sound has been shocking, yet really good. Instead of playing their patented brand of melodic hardcore, they shockingly went an entirely different direction on their upcoming album Rare – a more Ride and Catherine Wheel-influenced sound. The sound is best done on their 3 released singles so far, “Neurotic”, “Suffer”, and “Youth” – a throwback sound that honestly wouldn’t sound out of place on 4AD Records 25 years ago.

To possibly help introduce their audience to the new sound, Hundredth has put together a Spotify Playlist featuring some of the band’s favorite songs that influenced Rare. You can check that out below, as well as the band’s single “Youth”.

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