Progressive metalcore upstarts Illusion Of Solace deliver impressive EP, “Soul Stasis” (Review)

The genre of progressive metalcore continues to get even more interesting – especially when you hear Harrisburg, PA band Illusion Of Solace. The band released their brutally fantastic EP Soul Stasis very recently. While the EP is only comprised of five tracks, Soul Stasis envelops us with an eruption of unclean vocals and tasteful, unique, and passionate guitar and drum patterns throughout.

The most beautiful of tracks and a clear explanation of how much talent this band possesses is “Pathways”. A blend of elegant flows and harsh vocals and growls makes this one of the more eclectic tracks as it is oozing with infectious instrumentation and prowess. “Lamenting Memories” practically is the highlight of this whole EP. Its perfectly balanced progressive guitar and heavy intricate pumping drums keep this track full of variety and immensely interesting for the listener invested in this EP experience. One of the few tracks that contains clean vocals, it acts as a great contrast to the discordant sound that’s given to us for most of Soul Stasis.

Overall, Soul Stasis is a combination of heaviness that shifts effortlessly into pretty melodic guitar bliss where it needs it the most. With great vocal control – whether the band is pursuing the more melodic or heavy sides of the band – Soul Stasis shows Illusion of Solace at their best. One only knows where the amazing future of this band will reside, but here’s to hoping that we will hear more from them in the coming years.

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