September 27, 2021

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Premiere: Australian deathcore band Babirusa releases new song “Abomination” – listen!

Australian deathcore outfit Babirusa have finally revealed new music! The new force to be reckoned with have released their second single, “Abomination”, via Slam Worldwide. The up and comers have previously released one other single, “Desolation System”, which reached tens of thousands of views across all platforms, and built the band an early fanbase. The group has a certain drive and energy about them that shines within their music and their live performances. Babirusa utilizes two vocalists for dynamic value, and it seems to be paying off with intense trade-offs and an explosion of vocal range within the track accompanied by melodically heavy instrumentation.

Of particular note, the band also includes former A Night In Texas vocalist Rheese Peters. which is notable. We’ve also got the insight on what “Abomination” is about – here’s what the band had to say:

“After attempting to shut down this AI dominated plane of existence, he is irreversibly bound by a technological iron maiden to stay there until his time has come.
A machine that every human before him was held and drained by, a place where none can leave.
Linked by lacerating cables, number 343 now realises his fate as a temporary fuel source only to be discarded once drained of usefulness.

Suddenly aware of the sentient AI’s ultimate goal, he reiterates to himself the circumstances of his subjugation: the machine’s plan of forced unity.
Using helpless humans as batteries to fuel its own growth, as it is still young and learning, and self justification of its actions toward taking control of existence.

Staring down into the neon city, he knows that there is only a matter of time before his body on the outside is completely dead and he won’t be able to return – his consciousness will be stuck within the AI world.
Knowing he has escaped its clutch once before, does he try again or finally accept his fate?”

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