Point North team up with Set It Off for new version of their song “Below The Belt”

Point North have reimagined their song “Below The Belt”, this time bringing in Set It Off for the enhanced version of the song. Marking the first time the two bands have worked together this follows Point Norths last collab which featured The Ghost Inside and gained some massive numbers.


Cody from Set It Off shares:

“I absolutely love the boys in Point North so when they asked if I would hop on their song “Below The Belt” it was a no brainer. Funny story about this song and the song we released called “Punching Bag” is that the first demo of our song was originally titled “Mr. Nice Guy”, but that title didn’t feel right to me so I was like, “I really wanna call it ‘Punching Bag’.” And Jon told me that his band Point North already had an unreleased song with that title but that he wouldn’t care at all if we felt we should go with that name. We both agreed to call Set It Off’s song Punching Bag and Point North changed their title to “Below the Belt” which I think is an amazing song title!”

Point North’s Jon Lundin shares:

“This song was one of the first demos written for “Prepare For Despair,” originally titled “Punching Bag.” It only felt right that we had Cody from Set It Off sing on our song to complete the circle on the newest version.”

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