Plain White T’s revisit their pop-punk roots in new single “Would You Even”

Plain White T’s are getting back into their pop-punk roots with their latest song “Would You Even”. Feeling like a song straight out of the mid 2000s, fans will be teleported back to their Warped Tour days thanks to this song.



“I always have this fear, when I’m creating something that I really love, that what if I die, and these songs I’m writing and pouring my heart into will just be stuck on my iPhone forever,” says Higgenson. “Never to be heard. Never to even get the chance to be hits.┬áThat’s the basis of ‘Would You Even.’ I was dating someone and I would drive home super late sometimes after hanging out with them, and then the next morning, I would think about how tired I was, and how stupid and dangerous that was. And that led me to the question, ‘Was this person even worth the risk? Would she do the same for me?'”

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