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Pantera return to Milwaukee for a packed Monday night of metal (Show Review)

American Family Insurance Amphitheater

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

July 31st, 2023

By Mariah Berg


The American Family Insurance Amphitheater is a beautiful amphitheater in Milwaukee, WI that holds some pretty incredible acts. On a Monday night, thousands of people packed into this venue to see a metal show. Yes, a Monday night, thousands of people. Rock and roll will never die if these devoted music fans have anything to say about it!

Opening up this show was a four piece band called Snafu! Snafu is a hardcore thrash punk band hailing from Detroit, Michigan! As soon as Snafu took the stage, everyone knew it was bound to be a killer performance. They definitely didn’t disappoint! Snafu was fortunate enough to play a couple shows with Pantera on their tour. This Monday night in Milwaukee just happened to be their last show with Pantera. Pantera made it a little extra special and brought them on stage to sing “Walk” along with them! I’d say it was a pretty killer last show and memorable night! It was very heartwarming to see the opportunities these fantastic four musicians have gotten! Snafu is a band you can’t sleep on!


Up next, a band from Richmond motherfuckin Virginia, Lamb of God! As soon as the curtain dropped, the insanity began! There was fire, there was pyro, there was head banging, it was wild! Lamb of God opened up with their song “Momento Mori” from their self titled album. Lamb of God is one of those bands that is just so fantastic it’s hard to put into words. From their stage performance, to their stage show, to the lyrics that Randy sings. Just overall such an outstanding band. A 10 song setlist, will just never be enough! Lamb of God performed songs that everyone knew from “Walk With Me in Hell”, “Laid to Rest”, “Redneck” and more. They even played their song “Ditch” off their newest album “Omens”. Lamb of god also performed their song “Ruin” in dedication to Pee-wee Herman who passed away just the day before. Lamb of God is the perfect band to be touring with Pantera. It just doesn’t get better than that!!

Now the next band that took the stage, needs no introduction. The one, the only, Pantera! There are so many fans that never thought they’d ever get the opportunity to see Pantera live. As soon as the Pantera curtain dropped, Phil Anselmo, Rex Brown, Zakk Wylde and Charlie Benante immediately mesmerized the crowd. Pantera opened up their set with their song “A New Level” and fans lost their minds! Pantera performed so many hit songs people never thought they’d get to see Pantera themselves play live. From “Mouth for War”, “I’m Broken”, “5 Minutes Alone”, to “This Love” and of course “Walk” and many more. I’m sure many fans from the audience went home without a voice that night! There is a lot of thanks and respect that goes to The Abbott brothers Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrel, the founding members of Pantera. They are the reason Pantera exists and they were in every single person’s heart and mind as Pantera performed. Phil, Rex, Charlie and Zakk all paid their upmost respects to Vinnie and Dime, it was so beautiful and definitely a tear jerker. The legacy of Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul will forever live on!

If Pantera comes to a town near you, please go see them. You never know when it may be your last opportunity to see a band live, don’t miss it. Live music takes away from reality at least for a little bit and everyone deserves to feel that. Pantera is back, go experience them live!


Photo Gallery : Snafu – American Family Insurance Amphitheater (07.31.2023)


Photo Gallery : Lamb Of God – American Family Insurance Amphitheater (07.31.2023)


Photo Gallery : Pantera – American Family Insurance Amphitheater (07.31.2023)

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