Ohio metal band The Static Wake releases new song “Natural Selection”

The Static Wake is an up and coming metal band from the heart of Cleveland, Ohio. The group strives to bring an energy filled environment within their music. The group first made waves with their 2019 single “Take This To Your Grave” and eventually unleashed their debut EP One Last Breath in 2020. The EP is what first brought the band to our attention and we were quickly captivated with their take on the metal genre. Powerful verses and stellar songwriting that are paired with melodic moments make up a well founded group that has a rock solid line of releases behind them. The Static Wake has just unleashed their newest song “Natural Selection”, and this song is a wonderful culmination of their previous works.  The single was released with a visually pleasing lyric video on the music YouTube channel Spaceuntravel. The Static Wake consists of five very talented musicians that are creating something truly great by putting their heads together.


You can check out some of The Static Wake’s older releases below!

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