October 27, 2021

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Niantic hits it out of the park with new EP “Equinox” (Review)

Throughout the years, California has been a breeding ground for some pretty dynamic and iconic acts. Every few years there will always be a band that comes out of the fray that challenges what the typical sounds of a certain genre bands should sound like. In the case for indie bands the sounds are large and vast. It’s easy to get buried under all the saturation, but for Niantic this band has bled through and has created a colorful sound that is both true to its roots yet manages to be unique and creative. Niantic has been making waves for over a decade with release after release, but with their new independent October release Equinox, it seems the band is more confident than ever with their presence and sound.

Equinox is not just your typical indie EP, it exudes a different kind of musical soundscape that strives to bring an astonishingly spirited and powerfully melodic EP that catches your ears the moment you start to listen to it. We start with “Untethered”, a vivacious start that places us in the thick of it all with gifted vocal control, edgy punch-heavy drum-work, followed by infectious guitar grooves that seem to dance around the entire track. With this as a first impression, it’s hard not to get hooked and keep listening. This one is sure to be a hit as it’ impressive instrumental, lyrical, and vocal ability is what ultimately sets the tone for whats to come after.

Then you hear “Equinox”, another beautifully written track from which the EP derives. The fact that this track exudes mastery of their craft is an understatement as it transgresses anything else that you will get on this EP. This track really delves deep into what they do so well with breathtaking gorgeous twinkle guitar work and other atmospheric elements intertwined within the track that really grounds the listener to where Niantic wants them to be.

From start to finish Niantic proves that a decade’s worth of perfecting their craft has resulted in creating this fantastic EP. It engages the listener sounds and lyrics that are intelligently crafted and written by truly talented musicians. If your looking for a band that challenges your conventions of what indie should sound like, this deserves a moment of your ears’ time.

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