February 26, 2024

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Lorna Shore caps 2022 with a sold-out show at a 2,000+ cap venue in their home state

Bro. There’s this band called Lorna Shore. Bro. Have you heard their song “To The Hellfire”? Bro it’s like REALLY good and has blast beats and sounds epic.

Okay but seriously, it’s been a huge last couple years for Lorna Shore. They’ve helped deathcore and extreme metal in general branch out to a much-wider audience than would normally digest 6+ minute songs, while even tastemakers who ignored them before have been forced to take notice. Not like they haven’t been working for years to reach these heights or anything. Kinda the same with Spiritbox, interestingly.

Anyway, that’s not terribly important. What is important, however, is that Lorna Shore just capped their 2022 by holding a sold-out 2000+ cap venue in their home state – The Wellmont Theater. To give you an idea, it’s the same venue that Third Eye Blind will be headlining early in 2023, and Anthrax + Regina Spektor will also be playing. Whoa.

Also joining the band were Invent Animate, Endless, Shadow Of Intent, Signs Of The Swarm, and Sentinels. It certainly looks like the sold-out crowd enjoyed themselves, with the ubiquity of vocalist Will Ramos in a Santa hat making for great theater. That’s not all, obviously. The band earned a staggering 62.4 million streams of their catalogue on Spotify alone this year, along with selling every ticket of their recent North American headlining tour. Honestly, pretty awesome. One wonders just how much more Lorna Shore can expand their audience, but then again, maybe the limits are infinite.

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