February 27, 2024

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Life In Idle show their progression on new album ‘Continuity Error(s)’

Dayton, Ohio-based emo band Life In Idle formed in 2011 and after years of hard work developing as a group, they are now reaching new heights both creatively and professionally. Having previously played Kansas is For Lovers, Sound Valley Music Festival, Earthshock Music Festival, and many more fests and events, they’ll soon be sharing the stage with the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Alkaline Trio, and Underoath at the Ohio Is For Lovers festival in a few weeks. At Ohio Is For Lovers they’ll get to showcase their best work to date, coming from their brand new album Continuity Error(s).

While their debut full-length Out to Get Me was a more high-energy pop-punk affair, Continuity Error(s) shows their progression into a more pensive emo act. Based on my own genre preferences their recent work definitely appeals better to my sensibilities, but regardless of someone’s personal taste, Continuity Error(s) is a clear step up objectively for Life In Idle when it comes to its songwriting, production, and aesthetics. It even has great cover art, with the distorted image of a dark hallway and its warm, hazy coloring serving as a fitting visual companion given the name of the album and its contents.

As a result of the band’s growth, this album fits well within the strong class of early 2020s emo, which includes most of up-and-coming label Wax Bodega’s roster or that of scene stalwarts No Sleep Records. The first single “Catch 22” is definitely a highlight, as well as title track “Continuity Errors,” while second single “Summer Bummer” is an earworm that won’t let you go. Check out the music video for “Catch 22” below and stream the record here.

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