September 24, 2023

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Let’s Watch : Body Bags (1993) (Review)

Body Bags should of been so much more than just this film. Following the trails of Creepshow and others, Body Bags features 3 short horror films in it featuring some massive names and just tons of genuine fun,

With our story between films featuring John Carpenter working inside a morgue as a coroner spewing one liners and charm that works we kick off our first short film “The Gas Station”. Seemingly the best of the 3, we follow a young woman on her first overnight shift at a gas station as she becomes hunted by a serial killer. Its a simple story with nothing new but moves along at a quick pace and features some fun gore to go along with it.

“The Hair” is up next and features a man who would do anything to get a full set of hair to rebuild his confidence in himself. After seeing a random doctor for it he finally has the hair he dreamed of until some side effects start to kick in. It’s a fun story with an interesting twist. It may start slow and the climax is almost over too quickly but the fun it becomes helps save it.

Closing out the show is one starring none other than Mark Hamil as a baseball player who after an accident loses his eye and gets a new one as a replacement to it. After starting to see things and act differently he soon realizes that the eye is from a recently executed serial killer. I just couldn’t connect to this one sadly. The pacing was off and it just felt too out there. Aside from the big names in it, it just didn’t connect as the first two did.

Overall Body Bags is still great fun and full of early 90’s horror with tons of big names. Its a shame we couldn’t have gotten a show or anything from this series but this will seemingly forever hold up.

Score : 7/10

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