Let’s Talk Wrestling : WWE Hall Of Fame 2020 / 2021 (Inductees + Thoughts)

So it’s Wrestlemania week and with that comes the WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony they have. Now due to Covid the 2020 ceremony was cancelled and pushed back to this year along with the 2021 ceremony. Airing on Peacock Tuesday evening fans were given the chance to see favorites of theirs put into pro wrestling’s biggest (though not technically real) Hall Of Fame.



2020 Inductees :


New World Order (Hogan, Nash, Hall, Xpac)

Bella Twins


Jushin Thunder Liger

William Shatner

Titus O’Neal (Warrior Award)


2021 Inductees :


Molly Holly

Eric Bischoff


Rob Van Dam

Rich Hering (Warrior Award)



Now just my two cents on the line up. It’s fine overall to a degree. JBL didn’t honestly do much, and given the wide known news of him being the biggest bully backstage in WWE still goes against their anti bully campaigns they have going. NWO including Xpac but not someone like Bischoff makes no sense as well. Bella’s got inducted due to their show and who they are married to / the family they come from. Their run in the ring is widely looked at as a low point in WWE womens wrestling. Liger is a god for what hes done and the 2021 roster as a whole is actually incredibly deserving.


What doesn’t work though anymore is the ceremony itself. Usually done in front of a live hyped up crowd, this year had no crowd instead giving the inductees a chance to speak at a empty arena. It just killed the vibe overall and made it feel incredibly lackluster. What should be a special evening for the talent felt like going through the motions without care. My other issue is that as years go on, speeches get shorter and shorter. Liger is a man who single handedly changed his style of wrestling forever, but was given maybe 2 minutes for a speech. I understand WWE may not want hour speeches but inductees should be given a sit down podcast interview put on the WWE Network (Peacock) where they can share stories and such, then give a short speech at a live ceremony. It just seems odd to give your inductees at max 10-15 minutes to speak.

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